Digital Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitch patterns for a variety of tastes and skills - made with love. Browse all designs in the catalog or find different categories below. Happy Stitching! (✿◠‿◠)

  • Cross stitch for everyone!

    Do you like quirky, small cross stitch patterns? Or are you more fond of large impressive pieces, to be admired from afar? Find both in the NeedleLot Designs catalog.

  • Closeup of Koi Fish cross stitch pattern. Right side is most visible. Finished piece is of medium size. There are two fish, surrounded by lotus leaves and flowers. The fish on the left is orange, the fish on the right is blue. Both have spots.

    Relaxation tool

    Seasoned stitchers will know: embroidery helps us enter into a calmer state of mind. Use this craft to your advantage and be still - while creating beautiful artwork that lasts!

  • Closeup of pigeon Street Smart cross stitch pattern. Image is focused on pigeon. He is mostly blue and grey, with specks of teal and purple. The houses in the background are various shades of brown with blue windows and shutters. The sun is low.

    Easy to pick up

    Want to be creative but don't know where to start? Cross stitch patterns can help you create the pictures you want without too much fuss. NeedleLot Designs has patterns that are suitable for various levels of skill.

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