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NeedleLot Designs' catalog is packed with animals! From tiny critters to giant beasts, there’s something for every animal lover!

Front view of Rays of the Deep stingray and manta ray pattern. There are two rays, one big manta ray and a small stingray behind. They both contain mainly blue and purple colors and have sparkles on their backs. They are surrounded by white bubbles.

Beginner friendly

NeedleLot Designs offers many patterns that are perfect for beginners. These designs are smaller in size, featuring whole cross stitches with minimal backstitching.

Cross stitch is...

  • Closeup view of possum cross stitch pattern. This is a closeup of the baby sitting next to mama specifically. He is facing her. Even though he is much smaller than her, he is in the exact same pose (however mirrored). His tail is pink.

    Easy to get started with

    Want to be creative but don't know where to begin? Cross stitch makes it easy, with patterns that guide you through your craft.

  • A relaxation tool

    Seasoned stitchers know: cross stitch helps us enter into a calmer state of mind. Use this craft to your advantage and be still, while creating beautiful artwork that lasts!

  • For everyone!

    Whether you’re new to crafting or an experienced artist, cross stitch offers a relaxing and fulfilling way to express your creativity!

Quality floss, readable symbols

Each NeedleLot Designs pattern requires DMC 6-stranded floss, known to be durable and widely available. Symbols are hand-selected for readability, making stitching straightforward and enjoyable!

Tested patterns

All NeedleLot Designs patterns are test-stitched before publishing. That way, you can be sure of their accuracy and quality!

  • Digital downloads

    Patterns come as downloadable PDFs - available immediately, and suitable for printing!

  • 100% handmade

    All patterns are created from scratch and tested for accuracy.

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